“Displaced in Media” follow-up

In 2017, in the framework of the European project “Displaced in Media”, Les Têtes de l’Art in collaboration with a professional video maker Stefan Sao Nélet, animated multiple video workshops, with refugees and asylum seekers. Partnerships were established with the associations that are in direct contact with the refugees, AAJT (Association for Assistance to Young Workers) and Fraternity Solidarity Across Borders Association.

This year we renewed our partnership with the AAJT, and we continue to work with a dozen of refugees on the videos they want to produce, write the script, use the camera and the micro and video editing.


Next step: the dissemination events, one in April in England and one in France in September 2018.


Watch the videos realized in 2017 by Cheikh Oumar et Ibsa here and by Ohmid et Bassir here.


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