Art4Act – Collective performance “In my home”


Sunday 25th February, Les Têtes de l’Art organised in Marseille, in the public space at the event Les Dimanches de la Canebière, the collective performance called “In my home”. This relational performance, imagined by Tania Alice (Performers Without Borders) assisted by Aziz Boumediene, and performed by thirteen youth workers and the young people they are working with, was a success.

 Each room was imagined and recreated by the participants, having as objective to create an utopian living space that was shared with during 3 hours with the people passing by. In the kitchen the public was invited to share their life experience around food, in the bedroom intimate stories ware told in the bed and jumping in a trampoline, children listened and created stories in their room. In the living room people ware invited to disguise themself and take ephemeral family pictures, in the office people could call persons from other countries to talk about discrimination, in the garden a collective story was written.


The performance addressing themes like social inclusion, respect and non-discrimination was developed following the two days workshop “Socially engaged art”, that took place 25th-26th January. These pilot activities ware implemented in the framework of the Art4Act project.

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