“Solidarity chain” at Bel Horizon

In the continuation of the Bel Horizon web-documentary produced by Les Têtes de l’Art, in 2017-2018 we picked up our activities with its inhabitants, this time in articulation with the European project “Culture for solidarity“, which questions solidarity by the prism of participatory artistic practices.


“Neighbours” from June 27th to July 3rd, 2018, Paweł OGRODZKI – photographer

Paweł Ogrodzki, a Polish photographer, accompanied by the mediator Aziz Boumédiene, offered the inhabitants the possibility to make a portrait in the company of their neighbours, in the photo studio specially designed for this purpose at the ground floor of the building. Each person had to bring a personal object from his/her home and tell the story to his/her neighbour.


“Dance Tour” from July 2nd to 13th, 2018, Tania ALICE – performer 

Tania Alice, Franco-Brazilian performer, assisted by Aziz Boumediene, Franco-Moroccan performer, proposed to dance with the inhabitants in their apartments on their favourite music, some of the inhabitants evoked the story or the memories attached to the song they have chosen.


A photo was taken together by the participants and performers, as a testimony of the moment shared and it was hung on the glass of the lobby of the building: “Help us to complete our dance tour”! At the end of each meeting, it was proposed to each inhabitant to indicate to the performers a neighbour or friend, to whom the dance could be suggested, forming a solidarity chain so that the collective challenge can be raised.


“Performed Ball”, July 13th

At the end of the artistic interventions, an open invitation to all the inhabitants was made, to meet on the evening of July 13 around the exhibition of the photos taken, the favourite music of the inhabitants that have participated in the “Dance tour” and a small buffet.


“Sensitive film”, Daniela LANZUISI – director

A film directed by Daniela Lanzuisi, Franco-Italian director, relates this social and sensitive experience, with the question “how are created” (or are not created) the relations in this building (question of gender, generational, community, etc.). With Boulègue TV’s team of volunteers in civic service and the inhabitants who wanted to try their hand with the camera, Daniela filmed the process, in the lobby of the building, in the apartments of some inhabitants (where also recorded sound, interviews focusing on the subjective experience of dance), and the final ball.



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