AJCM Presents you its new talk show :  The Medtalks 

« Acting to make things happen, representing to make your voice heard »

To begin with, let’s remember what is the AJCM (Ateliers des jeunes Citoyens et Citoyennes de la Méditerranée). It is a programme aiming at organising simultaneous actions, debates and workshops between young Mediterranean people on issues related to the environment, gender equality and solidarity mobility. It started in 2015 from a growing need for engagement and dialogue between young Mediterranean people on the one hand, and between these young people and public decision-makers on the other hand.

One can see the AJCM as a network with the purpose to create a safe space for dialogue and action around the themes of ecology, civic engagement, eco-development and Mediterranean and European identity. Since 2019, the participants have broadened the themes addressed, with the incorporation of two new themes: gender equality and solidarity mobility.


To this end, workshops for co-creation and exchange of good practices are regularly organised by the various AJCM correspondents – from over 14 countries – involved in civic actions in a growing number of Mediterranean countries. Forums for exchange and dialogue have enabled joint decisions to be taken and actions to be prepared collectively around shared issues and values. In addition, they have offered the possibility of promoting local initiatives carried out in the correspondents’ territories.

 What are the Medtalks ?

As you might already have guessed by the name,  the medtalks are a series of talk shows. With the help of our correspondents and partners we will host the show from our studio, at Les têtes de l’art, each month with a different topic.

It is a Mediterranean media to make our voices heard, with the aim to highlight current issues on topics such as gender equality, climate change and solidarity mobility in the Mediterranean.


Broadcast live on several Mediterranean platforms, these shows will host activists, journalists and experts from different countries around the Mediterranean with the purpose of creating a dialogue and offering insights from local perspectives on shared experiences.

The first programme took place on Thursday, March 18th at 6pm French time and focused on the issue of empowerment and civic engagement of women in the Mediterranean.


We had the pleasure to count among us Paula Causi, Saoussen Jadi, Amal El Brini, and our co-organizers from the association ALDA (Association of Local Democracy Agencies) Morocco – ADL NORD MAROC – and Tunisia – Agence de la Démocratie Locale Tunisie – Chaimaa Seddad and Mouna Alouini and from the association Les Têtes de l’Art, Delphine Salvi.



Did you miss it ? don’t worry ! The show will be available for streaming on our website


Don’t miss the second one though! The Medtalks will be back on thursday, April 8th at 6pm ( Paris time) and we will address the topic :  Artivism. A show co organised with Marine from the ACM Foundation and Narine from Youth Is Power NGO.


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