INPACT – Supporting transitions in the cultural sector

Les Têtes de l’Art are leaders of the Inpact Project – Innovative Partnership for Artistic and Cultural Transition.. This project is part of Erasmus+ program and lasts two years, from october 2020 until november 2022. It bring together seven european partners.


The main objective of Inpact is to create a innovative and sustainable cross-sectorial partnership, for training and coaching actors from the current third cultural sector, in the various current transitions they are going through.

The strong points of this project are : the diversity and complementarity of each parners’ speciality,the creation of tailor-made methods according to the needs of our target group, the association of tools/concepts to face all those transitions, and the mobility component which especially allows a better understanding of the realities of integration into the labor market at the level of each partner / country.

Why this project ?


Our observation : The third cultural sector, both at french and european scale, is currently at the crossroads of various transitions : environmental, social, economic, democratic and digital. It is also weakened by the global political, social, economic and sanitary crisis.

Our target group : Artists, managers from non lucrative organizations, people adults with artistic skills without prior training in this sector. The project specifically targets those who face long-term social and economic difficulties, due to systemic barriers, opportunities and / or discrimination (women, migrants, the unemployed, people from less privileged backgrounds, disadvantaged
neighborhoods or with a low level of academic training) and who are looking for new tools and resources to improve their situation.

Our objective : From the needs of our target group, our aim is to conceive and disseminate innovative methods and tools, in order to train them to face the financial and social difficulties, – in part relating to the transitions mentioned above – with which they are confronted. Concretely, the idea is to support those people by helping them gain skills, for a better access to employment and entrepreneurship, so that they become emancipated, and gain confidence in their personal capacities, in terms of innovation and change.

Expected Results

Intellectual Output 1 : A digital and freely downloadable Tool Kit, traduced in english and in 5 other languages, diffused thanks to a common licence

Intellectual Output 2 : A short webserie, freely downloadable, subtitled in english and in 5 other languages, diffused thanks to a common licence.

Expected Inpacts :

1. Improve the personal and professional career of participants and staff of partner organizations
2. Encourage concrete and significant changes in the professional development of participants as well as in the professional practices of staff from partner organizations
3. Develop the thinking capacity of the target group and act for change
4. Encourage participants to experiment with alternative and innovative socio-economic models in the field of arts and culture
5. Create effective and sustainable local intersectoral partnerships for adult education in arts and culture

Our plan


Inpact activities are designed with innovative methods and tools, and offered through co-creative and cross-sectoral approaches. Here are the main activities proposed, which each partner must set up at its own scale in order to collectively produce the two deliverables mentioned above:

1. Co-creation labs: co-creation labs are part of the first “Research” phase of the project, and should make it possible to assess the needs of our target groups. Co-creation labs are spaces for creating tools and methods designed in response to these needs. These spaces allow partners to bring together and network various local actors around the objectives of INPACT and facilitate the
emergence of local intersectoral partnerships.

2. Local training: these are used to test and evaluate the new tools resulting from the first phase with participants. These training phases will allow participants to acquire new working methods / skills, which can promote the emergence of local experiments, then incubated by the partners.

3. Dissemination of deliverables:   once these new tools have been tested, the objective will be the finalization of the deliverables and their dissemination in national networks, with the involvement throughout the project of local actors identified by the members of INPACT. The majority of the partners involved have a vast local, national and international network, which implies a strong potential for dissemination at European level.

he stages of this project, which will take place over two years, will be punctuated by two types of international meetings:

1. Transnational meetings to ensure the monitoring, coordination and participatory development of the project …

2. Intermediate training to share the results obtained, to offer cross-sectoral and “peer-to-peer” analyzes, etc.


  • Valnalon (Spain) : A company that provides a well-orchestrated and tested methodology for startups. Useful tools, as an online platform allowing users to progress in their business plan.
  • Centro Di Creazione e Cultura (Italy) : an association which brings its long experience of working in the performing arts sector and also in the non-formal learning of young artists in relation to the labor market.
  • Subjective Values Fondation (Hungary) : an association which develops and manages several
    projects aimed at helping young people to take their first steps towards the professionalization of their activity
  • URV (Spain) : a University which will ensure the quality of research, development and innovation of the INPACT project. They will provide all the equipment, infrastructures and specialized technicians necessary for the success of the project, the development of the method and to guarantee a good distribution.
  • SMOUTH (Greece): At the national level, this association collaborates with the Greek National
    Opera and together creates professional and artistic opportunities for several artists. At European level, it participates in various networks and partnerships, linked to the main objectives of the INPACT project.
  • KITKC (Lithuania) : an organization that works with various artistic projects and communities of
    national minorities.

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