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Boulègue is a participatory television scheme, free from any format, length or broadcasting mode constraint. It is open to each and every inhabitant of the 3rd district of Marseille and run by our team, with the help of numerous volunteers and contributors. Do you feel like trying your hand at camera operating or video editing? How about realising a short film, a TV programme or organising an audiovisual workshop? Perhaps you would like to suggest a topic for a documentary, or discuss your district and what is going on there? Our team is here to help you, and moreover, our coaching and training services are free.


So stop watching TV,  make it!


At Les Têtes de l’Art, we want to put our experience in participatory audiovisual media to the service of the area we have always been located in. It was in this spirit that we launched the Television Participative du 3eme (The Participatory Television of the 3rd District in Marseille, France) in 2010 and recently renamed it Boulègue.

Boulègue is an open TV which makes video-making available for all – local nhabitants, non-profit organisations, socio-cultural organisations, etc. – so as to contribute to a better social harmony.

It offers the opportunity to modify the bad reputation of our inner cities, to showcase the talents and initiatives which give the area its strength, to reinforce social cohesion, or simply to try your hand at a new activity, merely out of curiosity and the desire to meet new people… Boulègue is much more than a web TV or a traditional TV channel: it is a television that is more concerned with the way it is made than the way it is broadcast. It is made by well-intentioned people, professional or not! This TV is established in the district and its non-profit content belongs to everybody.

Boulègue is a new way of considering, making and watching television!

Strongly oriented towards the inhabitants and actors of the 3rd district of Marseille, we aim to bring audiovisual media within everyone’s reach, in order to:

  • Favour media literacy education and stimulate the expression of every individual’s creativity.

  • Have inhabitants – in groups or by themselves – participate in the activities of their district and galvanise social and cultural cohesion amongst generations, communities and different districts of the area.

  • Develop information and citizen involvement on local situations regarding all aspects that have an impact on the lives of the residents – society, health, town planning, culture, economy, politics, etc.

  • Give a better reputation to the area, spread information on positive initiatives which get little or no coverage from mainstream media.

  • Promote a fresh view on audiovisual media: by turning it into an tool which is accessible to as many people as possible; creative place for sharing and experimentation in which the only limit left is that of our imagination.

Boulègue TV is an open and free way to make television… But also to watch it! Ranging from the now traditional web TV to local cinemas, along with the usual television broadcast in people’s homes and live TV sets set in public spaces, the options are numerous!

Our video productions are all available on YouTube.

On-site screenings – in schools, non-profit organisation premises, public spaces… – are regularly organised by our partners upon their request or on our own initiative. We multiply innovative formats of TV programmes with multi-camera recording and live broadcasting.

Finally, entering our creation in festivals allows us to showcase the quality of our productions beyond our district and help the local inhabitants open up to the outside world.