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Detalks, the European project that co-constructed a method for teaching foreign languages to migrants through the use of artistic tools and non-verbal language, is coming to an end.

We are pleased to inform you of the publication of a guide-book in English, available on the website of the European network Roots&Routes.

This manual contains all the experiences, good practices, textbooks and links to videos summarizing the work carried out in the 6 countries involved : Italy, France, Finland, Greece, Hungary and Germany.


The project

Detalks is a European project running simultaneously in France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and Germany. Proposed by the international network Routes&roots, a network specialised in the creation of cultural and social projects, this project offers a framework in which to reflect on the use of non-verbal and creative techniques for teaching languages to migrant populations, mainly young people.

Main  objective

DeTalks aims to contribute to the social inclusion of young newcomers, refugees and asylum seekers in two ways: by developing an innovative methodology of language teaching through non-verbal communication and the use of creative tools, but also by including local young people or/and volunteers in the language learning in order to foster cultural exchange.


The project aims to develop pedagogical methods of non-verbal and creative communication by using the techniques and pedagogical tools ofthe performing arts.


Exercise “Swapping places”


Experimentation with creative and playful practices to facilitate the learning of French



Art in the service of non-verbal communication


Trainers and artists from seven European organizations spent a week together in Larissa, Greece to prepare the next step of the two-year-long DeTalks project supported by the Erasmus+ program .