An occasional need, limited budget or trouble managing an event that exceeds your technical skills?

Ask for advice at the Comptoir Audio & Visuel! Together, we will define your needs and the best way to meet them: audiovisual creations, supply of staff or equipment, pooling of professional or semi-professional equipment, advice, technical trainings… Everything you need to lead your projects to success in the best possible conditions! Become a member of the Têtes de l’Art: our advice is free and our rates are deliberately affordable.

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Working in the fields of culture and social and solidarity-based economy implies the sharing of values and the fighting for principles. It is in this spirit that we have set up our pooling centre in 2009.

The Comptoir Audio & Visuel is intended for artists, non-profit cultural, educational and social organisations, and more generally for actors of the social and solidarity-based economy field who do not wish or have the means to call upon the commercial sector. The equipment we supply must be used in non-profit projects.

Pooling is the merging of a system of resources: equipment, skills, knowledge…

It enables us to supply professional or semi-professional equipment. It is an option that is neither loaning nor rental but allows you to enjoy affordable prices. We also offer the skills of specialised technicians who can help you realise your projects, give you personalised advice and technical initiations.

Our prices cover a contribution to our management and maintenance costs so that we can provide you with quality and long-lasting services.