Les Têtes de l’Art is partner in a Stratategic Partneship project in the frame of Eramus + Programme under the leadership of Synergie of Music Theatre, member of Roots & Routes International.


CulTrees project aims to develop a fruitful framework for exchange of good educational practices/tools for the key competence for long life leraning which is Cultural Awarenesses and Expression, with an emphasis on non-formal learning environments.



Seven cultural organisations from 7 EU countries will participate, each with a minimum of 3 adult education trainers, in an ongoing dialogue about the educational tools, methodologies and techniques that meet in a best possible way the educational needs of the adult learners in the contemporary lifelong learning context. This dialogue will be culminated during a short-term joint staff training event where all the participants will act simultaneously as trainers and trainees and will be familiarized with the educational tools, techniques and methods of the other participants.



By utilizing the experiential educational methodology, the group of the 21 educators will extend and further develop their teaching competences and increase the potential of their professional activity as trainers in Cultural Awareness and Expression training courses in a local, national and international level.



The main output of the project will be a high-level set of educational tools for non formal learning environments that will be used in the context of Adult Education and disseminated through the partners dissemination tools (websites, newsletters, cultural events etc) and networks (local, national, international).
Moreover, key competence Cultural Awarenesses and Expression utilizes the cultural knowledge and expression in order to develop an open attitude to cultural diversity. This fact affects positively the inclusive dynamics of the lifelong learning and confronts the stereotypes that cause social and cultural discrimination.