The association Les Têtes de l’Art is a partner of the “ENACTING” project, which aims to develop social documentaries and a virtual platform that will provide citizens with knowledge, skills and a space to produce and share their own documentaries in order to tackle the social issues of the European partner cities of the project: Athens, Larissa, Hechtviertel, Neustadt, Florence and Marseille.

This project is part of the Erasmus+ program and takes place over 2 years from 03/01/2021 to 02/01/2023 and brings together four European partners JKPeV, SMouTh, ReadLab, Centro Di Creazione e Cultura and Les Têtes de l’Art./ country.

The reasons behind this project ?


The ENACTING project aims, through cultural tools, to develop a method of civic engagement based on the use of video documentaries. It is about capturing speeches in targeted local contexts in order to share them online to create exchange around common issues. Our method aims to facilitate creativity, innovation and active citizenship, as well as the exchange of points of view between communities through these spaces.


Our primary objective is to promote common values; inclusion, civic engagement and participation through the development of skills in the arts and innovative digital practices. Therefore, the project aims to:

– Identify social challenges in local contexts and provide a concrete methodology to achieve them.

– Promote the development of skills in digital artistic practice and social documentary through online training.

This training will allow learners to rethink local challenges in a creative way and to propose solutions applicable in their community.

– Strengthen participation, social inclusion and promote dialogue, intercommunity and intercultural within the framework of the Participatory Media Laboratories ENACTING.

– Promote the use of digital means to create and distribute cultural products.

Target group

The MOOC ENACTING and the Participatory Media Lab aim to create tools that allow citizen empowerment. They are aimed at anyone committed or wishing to become involved in social issues.

In addition, the project targets local authorities, policy makers, local and community organizations, youth clubs/centers, NGOs, social cooperatives and higher education institutions in the field of arts education and to digital media.

Expected Results

The expected impacts

– Improve the digital, artistic and social skills of the participants

– Raise awareness among participants of social issues, community engagement, social inclusion and local innovation through creativity.

– Increase the resilience of cities and communities by engaging citizens in civic and collective actions.

– Develop a community and intercommunity exchange: increase social inclusion and cohesion between different groups in society.

– Improve the development of the public and the use of digital means to create and disseminate cultural products.

Our plan

1. We will carry out a documentary research in each country and develop local reports with the challenges identified by taking into account each local parameter.

2.We will provide training on the social documentary film ENACTING: a tailor-made online program comprising 4 main modules which will enable the target groups of the project to improve their skills in creating social documentary videos.

3.We will set up a virtual learning environment that will be fueled by the results of our research (1 and 2).

4.Participatory Media Lab will be an accessible and participatory digital space where documentaries produced by target groups will be put online.



  • JKPeV (Germany): an association which has a long experience in the management of projects and events with an emphasis on art and culture.

  • SMouTh (Greece): SMouTh provide youth and adults opportunities of initiation, training, education, creation, research and professional issues, in the arts that combine Music Theatre, and by this process, reinvent the means of artistic, cultural, social and civic expression.

  • ReadLab (Greece): ReadLab is a Greece-based research institution that aims to generate positive social and sustainable impact through innovation.

  • Centro Di Creazione e Cultura (Italy): an association that brings its long experience of working in the performing arts sector and also in the non-formal apprenticeship of young artists in connection with the labor market.