The European Academy of Participation (EAP) brings together 10 organisations from all over Europe, from higher education, from the arts and culture. They want to make a contribution to a more inclusive Europe, in which people live together in mutual respect of their differences. They identified participatory practice in art and culture as a central tool to involve communities in a positive process of constructing a shared cultural space.

As an expert in participatory art practices, Les Têtes de l’art has participated in the writing a reference document that reflects the diversity of the field in Europe and at the same time as a benchmark for curriculum builders, teachers, employers and all those academics and practitioners that want to enhance educational and practical offers.

Les Têtes de l’art has also participated in the Dublin conference in 2017, bringing together all partners ans stakeholders and as a trainer in the Summerschool in London in 2017. 


Under the leadership of the Goethe Institut, EAP brings together partners from  countries.


EAP gets support from the the European Commission in the frame of a Strategic Partnership support ERASMUS+.