KITCHEN ON THE RUN is a mobile kitchen in a shipping container, which traveled through Europe in 2015 and and organize cooking events for refugees and locals to get to know each other, cook and eat together and share their stories. 


For 5 months the team of 3 initiators, Rabea, Jule and Andi, traveled Europe, starting in Bari/Italy going all the way up through Marseille/France, Duisburg/Germany, Deventer/the Netherlands until they reached Gotenburg/Sweden as last destination. A journey which was symbolically along a common odyssey of refugees through Europe from the Italian Mediterranean to Sweden – to draw attention to the fact that we, as Europeans, share the responsibility for refugees arriving in Europe.


The kitchen container hosted every day a group of 15 to 20 refugees and locals to prepare and eat a meal together and share their stories. The organisers of the initiative wanted to provide room for encounters and the discovery of common ground in order to reduce prejudices – a prerequisite for a sustainable coexistence and cooperation in Europe.

At the same time, they let people from all over Europe virtually take part in their journey with publishing stories and recipes on their blog.


In 2015, KITCHEN ON THE RUN has won Advocate Europe prize, by Mercator Stiftung.


The organisations Les Têtes de l’art, L’Art de vivre and Les Pas Perdus, all the 3 residents of Le Comptoir in Belle de Mai ditsrict in Marseille hosted the container in their court yard in April/Mai 2015, enabling arround 300 people form 37 countiers to meet and share their stories. 


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