Alone we go fast. Together we go further!

Retrospective on 3 years of Connected Action for the Commons


It’s like most of the encounters in private life. An acquaintance invites you to a dinner party and presents you to like-minded friends of his, guessing or knowing that you surely have things in common or may even do things together in the future. Human encounters are always at the very beginning and stay at the heart of projects and initiatives. Somehow one has to be mutually inspired to be able to develop a common vision and to take action together.

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) made this dinner invitation to us in 2014 and curious as we are, we accepted. Back then, ECF surely had its idea about the aim of bringing together 6 so called grass roots organizations or hubs* active in the field of arts and culture on operational and political level. A new program was born and its name was:


Connecting, Culture, Community and Democracy