You seek to create a participatory arts project which is both personalised and original. We are highly experienced and familiar with the expectations of schools and health or social organisations; we deal with all artistic fields and with any type of audience. Led by professional and socially committed artists, participants come to engage in the creative process through an adventure in which sharing, transmission and education are key notions, while artistic quality remains a priority.

Our approach is simple: we put the project at the centre of the process!

Your project being unique, we adapt precisely to the context of your request, to your audience and to your constraints. All choices regarding the location, the schedule and the artists involved are based on your project.

Drawing on 20 years of experience, we favour sharing, communication and collaboration.

Our large network of artists allows us to create projects in every artistic field. We tend to favour a multidisciplinary approach which leads our projects to be both more original and meaningful.

There are many advantages inherent to the practice of art; our will is to mobilise these through themes which convey meaning for both your project and your audience.

Since our creation, we have endeavoured to work on themes that tally with the values defended by our organisation. All these themes aim to get the participants to become actors of their environments and of their lives and to promote the development of an active citizenship. Here are some examples of the themes that are to be found in our projects: environment, community life, citizenship, culture.