The strength of Les Têtes de l’Art project lies in its team… And the unique synergy between experience, skills and field of expertise of its staff members! In addition to being an efficient work team, our permanent employees form a cheerful and united group, rallied around the will to help make our project succeed. Led by the cornerstone founder-manager of the organisation, the team can move mountains in order to assist and bring to fruition dozens of projects every year.

Sam KHEBIZI, Director : sam(at)lestetesdelart.fr

Jessie LINTON, Financial manager : jessie(at)lestetesdelart.fr

Delphine SALVI, International project manager : delphine(at)lestetesdelart.fr

Sarah THUILLIER, project manager : sarah(at)lestetesdelart.fr

Julien RUOLS, project manager : julien(at)lestetesdelart.fr

Samuel WAHL, project manager : samuel(at)lestetesdelart.fr

Adriano CALAMIA, project manager : adriano(at)lestetesdelart.fr