Cookie Policy

The website uses only X cookies: one that keeps your connection to our site (2 weeks), one that remembers you have accepted cookies (one year), and one that secures the submission of forms on pages containing them (2 weeks). Regarding our CRM managing the boutique and subscriptions, two other cookies are active: one recording the language used on the site, and one retaining the current session’s identifier (anonymous identifier). Our mass mailings only track openings and the number of clicks. We can see who opened an email (standard cookies) but not who clicked or on which link.
These cookies are not used to send you advertisements as our site does not contain any.
We use external services (Soundcloud, Youtube, social media) that may use cookies.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files or text files stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, allowing the identification of your browsing device and collecting certain personal data. Cookies can have different purposes: technical cookies (for language settings), session cookies (or temporary cookies), and tracking cookies (which track your online behavior, allowing the website publisher to offer users the best possible experience).


Types of cookies used on the Internet

Essential Cookies
These cookies are strictly necessary for navigating our site and allow the use of the main site features or the provision of services requested by users.
Without these cookies, users cannot use the site normally or access our services.
On the Têtes de l’Art website, there are only X. These are our login cookie and the cookie that remembers you accepted cookies.

Functional Cookies
These cookies personalize the user experience (e.g., remembering country and language preferences) and make browsing the site more enjoyable and secure.
We only use one: the one that secures pages containing forms.

Analytical Cookies
These cookies allow us to understand the use and performance of the site, improving its operation by conducting traffic analyses and tracking individual open rates, click rates, and bounce rates.
Têtes de l’Art uses Matomo as an analytics tool, chosen for its better respect for user rights compared to its counterpart, Google Analytics.

Third-party Cookies (Social Media Sharing)
These cookies allow users to share pages and content with others on social media via share buttons.
These social media platforms may identify you through these buttons, even if you did not use them while visiting our site. We invite you to consult the cookie policies of these social media platforms on their respective sites.
Cookies may also be loaded by third parties whose services we use, particularly to bring content stored outside our site:

  • videos hosted on Vimeo or Youtube
  • sounds hosted on Soundcloud.


How to Manage Cookies ?

Our site notifies you of the presence of cookies during your first connection through our “cookie banner”. You cannot refuse their use, as they are essential for the proper functioning and security of the site. As explained earlier, we only use three.
For the two additional cookies used when a person has a login ID, you can disable them at any time by configuring your browser settings.
Each browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) has its own cookie configuration mode. To find out how to proceed with your browser, visit this site.
To refuse commercial cookies, you can visit this site.


Cookie Lifespan

Cookies other than temporary ones are deposited on the user’s terminal for a maximum duration of 12 months from the user’s consent.
After this period, consent will be sought again.
For more information on how we process and protect your personal data, feel free to consult the page dedicated to the processing of your personal data.
If you have any questions, write to us at