The 3rd arrondissement opens its stage!

On December 7, 2023, the Comptoir de la Victorine was the scene of a festive event, the fruit of collaboration with the residents of Saint-Mauront and Belle de Mai, supported by Soliha Provence, Cuisine du 101 and Bouillon de Noailles.

The Têtes de l’Art artists Alice Barbosa and Cyrielle Voguet led preparatory workshops combining theater and music to create a festive-themed show, which was presented during the evening. Pépin Production and ACELEM (Espace Lecture Edouard Vaillant) offered creative workshops and reading sessions. The École Bellevue orchestra opened the festivities with a concert. To satisfy appetites, the Bouillon de Noailles and volunteers prepared and served a free meal.

In addition to this rich program, an open stage was set up, inviting local talent to share their artistic creations. The diversity of performances added a unique touch to the evening, testifying to the richness and cultural vitality of Marseille’s 3rd arrondissement.

This event would not have been possible without the commitment of the participants and volunteers. A huge thank you to them for helping to make this event a warm and joyous occasion!

This project received financial support from the Fondation de France via Soliha Provence.




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